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Next-Gen AI Powered Software WRITES UNLIMITED Copies For SALES PAGES, EMAILS, ADS & VIDEO SCRIPTS In 109 International Languages In Just 10 Minutes

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Unique, Original & High-Converting Copies Across Hot-Selling Niches


To Over 100+ Languages For International Clients & Audience


Beautifully Drafted Emails, Sales Letters, Video Scripts & Ads For The Top Dollar

Let Artificial Intelligence Do ALL The Heavy-lifting FOR YOU

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Save Time, Money, Expert Tantrums & Multiple Brainstorming Sessions To Make Instant Profits

FREE Commercial License Included (Worth $497/m)

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Create Hypnotic Sales Scripts in Just 3 Easy Steps

Login to CopyMatic and choose the type of content you want

Choose your niche/market and answer a few quick questions

The software does the rest and uses the power of A.I. to create copy and content that gets results within seconds

Real Customers. Real Words. Real Results.

Watch How CopyMatic Compares To Other Such Software

CopyMatic Creates Sales-Copy That Converts

Without Any Writing Or Technical Skills Required

Our Early Users LOVE CopyMatic
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Use CopyMatic To Create Sales-Copy
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Victory Akpos here…

and, After spending 10+ successful years in internet marketing and having 25000+ happy customers with us. It was quite clear, everyone who is in online marketing, creating videos, running e-com sites, blogs, review sites or consulting offline businesses, needs copy!

From your social media posts to Ads, local banners, video commercials, training videos, calling scripts, sending emails… you have to write. And boy! That’s not easy…

Not just simple content, You need to write that captures attention, engages your visitors and most importantly sells…

Writing Content And Copy On Your Own
May Save You Money, But It’s Far From
A Perfect Solution…

  • It’s time-consuming
  • It can be really frustrating
  • It’s hard to come up with good ideas for your copy, and there’s nothing worse than having writer’s block and staring at a blank white screen
  • Until you get good at writing, your copy might not convert and make you money, so you’ve just wasted your time
  • It can take months and even YEARS to master the art of copywriting

Of Course, You Could Always Just
Hire A Copywriter…

Unfortunately, this option has a lot of issues too…

  • You don’t really know how good a copywriter is until you hire him/her, so you’re rolling the dice every time you hire a copywriter
  • Many miss deadlines or have a packed schedule
  • And with copywriters, you get what you pay for…

Common Rates For
Outsourcing Your Copy

And yeah… we are already saving
you from all the sweat

You Can’t Afford To Waste Your
Money And Time On Sales Copy That
Doesn’t Convert

  • Competition is getting tougher by the day, so your copy must be good quality
  • It’s important you stand out from the crowd if you want to get results online
  • The big key to success online is have copy that converts AND being able to churn out copy and content quickly
  • Even if you outsource, you can easily end up spending $1,000s of dollars per month on sales copy and content

I hate myself for revealing the fact
that 95% consider it to be true…

A good copy separates you and successful businesses from those who fail

Let’s accept the fact, writing a copy that sells is not
everyone’s cup of tea.


Technology Has Rapidly Advanced Over The Past Few
Years, And Now You Too Can Harness The Power Of
Our Brand New A.I.-Powered Writing App That Does
99% Of The Work For You



CopyMatic harnesses advances in A.I to quickly create converting sales copy, engaging content, and hypnotic sales scripts for yourself and for your clients… In 108 Languages!!!

Finally, you can now Sell to your audience in the language they understand and also explode your profits by selling to an international audience as well.

You Need To See CopyMatic In Action
To Fully Grasp Just How Powerful This
A.I. Powered App Really Is…

Launch Special Includes Agency Seller Rights
With Full Commercial License

Next Price Increase Is In:


Create Hypnotic Sales Scripts in Just 3 Easy Steps

Login to CopyMatic and choose the type of content you want

Choose your niche/market and answer a few quick questions

The software does the rest and uses the power of A.I. to create copy and content that gets results within seconds

Launch Special Includes Agency Seller Rights
With Full Commercial License

CopyMatic 100% Compatible With All The
Apps That You Already Have

Professional Copy Templates You Can Use Immediately

Use hundreds of professional copy templates to instantly create better copy for your products, services, emails and more

Sales Pages

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Google Ads


Email Campaigns


Video Sales Letters

Blog Articles

Short Video Ad Scripts

Commercial Ad Scripts

Explainer Video Scripts

And More...

CopyMatic Comes With Standard Features Designed To Make Creating Hypnotic Copy And Engaging Content Effortless

Generated ready-to-convert pages, upsells, emails, ads & video scripts across any niche from one single dashboard.

Skip brainstorming, writer’s block, expensive copywriters, glitchy softwares & all sorts of trouble…jump right to more conversions, higher sales & better profits.

We understand that your word is final.

While we automate the entire copywriting process, we leave absolute control in your hands.

So you can use our intelligent text editor to give the final edge of perfection to your automatically generated copy.

While you produce locally, we take your business to the World.

Your copy can be automatically translated aptly in over 100+ languages, helping you reach out to an unprecedented audience.

CopyMatic takes automation to the next level.

Once you feed in responses to certain prompts about your product or service, it saves it for future use.

So when you need to generate an ad or video script or any other format later for the same product… the job will be done in just one-click!


Create Unlimited Copy, Scripts, And Content

Create all the content you need for all your personal projects and all of your client projects with the Agency License.

Built-In, Easy-To-Use

Fully loaded WYSIWYG text editor is included to quickly edit and customise copy, content, and scripts right inside the app (This means you don’t need to use MS-Word, Google Docs, or any other outside app to get results)

Cloud Based App

Login from any device with an internet connection to create copy for any project. There’s nothing to design or update because CopyMatic is hosted in the cloud.

Create Your OWN Preset profiles for over 100 Niches

Using the created preset profiles answer the questions inside the software automatically to save even more time.

Download in Multiple

Download any document you create inside the app as a PDF or text file for later use or to deliver to a client.

Multiple Scripts

Save time by downloading multiple scripts at once.

Automatic Push Updates

We’ll automatically send updates to your software to keep it running smoothly at all times so you can use it on your projects today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Step-By-Step Training

Although CopyMatic is easy-to-use, we’re also including step-by-step training that shows you exactly how to get up-and-running so you can save as much time as possible and quickly create copy and content that gets the results you need.

5 Sub-user Access

Allow your team access to the CopyMatic software so you can automate your copy and content creation, save more time, and make even more money.

Ultra Fast
Dedicated Support

No Coding, Design or
Technical Skills Required

Regular Auto Updates

Complete Step-by-Step
Video Training and Tutorials Included

Newbie Friendly & Fully
Cloud-Based Software

With Commercial License

Make Even More Profit By Helping Businesses With Complete Agency Commercial License

Any Business who wants more buyers traffic is either running ads or planning to. And they really need this solution to gain more traffic, sales and profit. And you can provide them this no-brainer server for one time price or charge monthly. All thanks to CopyMatic Commercial License.

With CopyMatic, you are getting a commercial agency license with 5 sub user seats and individual logins.

This Means either you can charge them for this powerful app or for sub-account, one time or recurring.

We Literally Have NO Competition

CopyMatic Is Perfect For…

Online Marketers


Freelancers And

Why CopyMatic Is Better Than Other
Copywriting Software Tools

  • Cloud-based app so there’s never anything to install or update
  • This is not a content spinner like most writing tools and creates quality copy and content.
  • CopyMatic harness the power of A.I. to create copy and content effortlessly
  • CopyMatic creates copy and content
  • Get access to over 300+ ‘ready-to-use' copy templates that will save you time even more time, help you quickly create winners faster, and ultimately get you better results
  • Agency License included so you can create copy and content for clients and get PAID, charge whatever you want, and keep the profits for yourself
  • If you’re an online marketer, entrepreneur, or a freelancer/agency, this will help you improve your copy quality, create more creatives with less effort, save time, and help you scale things up more quickly

It’s Your CHOICE...

to be on



  • It’s time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Hard to come up with good ideas for your copy.
  • Writer’s block and unable to provide different hooks to your copies.
  • Your copies may not convert until you are a pro at writing.
  • Mastering the art of writing a persuasive copy takes years.
  • Hire expensive copywriters who fail to give results
  • Face the heat of clients with missed deadlines
  • Loss of time, money and peace of mind



  • An AI-based app writes any content you can imagine in minutes.
  • A much more affordable solution than hiring a Copywriter.
  • An end to your frustration while creating a copy on your own.
  • Don’t need to miss out on deadlines.
  • Does not require any prior writing or technical skills.
  • No stress to come up with good ideas and hooks for your copy.
  • An easy end to your Copywriting woes with a few simple steps.
  • No more sloppy copy full of grammar mistakes.
  • See a huge lift in content engagement, a boost in conversions and sales
  • More satisfied customers
  • Write irresistible copies in 108 languages on complete autopilot… which means you can sell to your audience in their preferred language while you can expand your business to a global audience.

Get CopyMatic Now For A Low, One-Time Payment

Very soon, we plan to charge $97 per month for CopyMatic.

At that price, CopyMatic is a no-brainer when you consider how easy it is to create quality copy and content or yourself and your clients. From the first day, most users will save money and time when compared with outsourcing or doing it on your own.

In fact, in most cases, you’ll be able to make your investment back with the first piece of copy or content you create with CopyMatic.

Although $97 per month would be a great deal when you consider everything you get inside CopyMatic, you won’t pay anywhere near that when you get CopyMatic right now.

During the initial launch, we’ve WAIVED the monthly fee and slashed the price so that YOU can easily afford getting your hands on this massive shortcut to online marketing success…

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Our money back applies to technical issues only – other than that, all sales are final.

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People Are Raving About The Results They Got From CopyMatic

To Your Success

Victory Akpos

Frequently Asked Questions
About CopyMatic

What is CopyMatic?

CopyMatic harnesses advances in A.I. to quickly create converting sales copy, engaging content, and hypnotic sales scripts for yourself and for your clients.

How does CopyMatic work?

Step #1 - Login to CopyMatic and choose the type of copy you want to have the software write for you (There are multiple options to choose from)

Step #2 - Choose your niche/market and answer a few questions

Step #3 - CopyMatic uses the power of A.I. to create copy and content that’s engaging and effective

Is CopyMatic really newbie-friendly?

Yes, you don’t need any special skills or writing experience to use CopyMatic.

What kinds of results can I expect with CopyMatic?

You’ll be able to create quality content, copy, and sales scripts that convert and get results for yourself and your clients with a few clicks of your mouse.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, you get a full 30 days to make sure CopyMatic is for you. If you change your mind for any reason, just let us know, and we’ll get you

Why do I need to get CopyMatic right now?

In addition to getting your hands on over $5,982 in top-quality bonuses, you also get CopyMatic right now at the lowest price it will ever be.


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